Story Intro: Europe, Here We Come!

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Unlike what Hollywood would have you believe, not every story begins with “one man.” This story, in fact, begins with a graduation, and two fairly normal people doing something very abnormal indeed.

But I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I should mention that quite a bit has happened since I last published here. In a nutshell:

Ryan (my dear husband) and I have sold most of our possessions and are now in Europe, traveling around various countries for a year with 22 lbs each of essentials.*

Yes. It is as sweet as it sounds. Yes, it is equally challenging. No, no portion of our bank account will be harmed in this year of greatness (we hope). Yes, you are welcome to come visit–as long as you don’t mind feeding the alpaca on occasion.

So now the real story can begin–has begun, really. Be prepared for moments of pure bliss, total breakdown, wonder, emotion, beauty, color, life.


Winter 2010: Europe in the Beginning


April 2011: A Change in Perspective

May 2011: An Evolving Idea

June 2011: Discovering International Volunteer Exchange

July 2011: Deciding When and Where to Travel


*I just thought I’d mention that you have been spared from zealous overformatting. So excited am I about this news that I almost couldn’t help bringing out the bold, underline, italics, center, exclamation, exclamation, exclamation!!! But alas, I am an editor before I’m a writer, and I would never want someone to put me through a cringe fest quite that painful. Just keep my enthusiasm in mind, please, dear reader.


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