The Stag in Ascot

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August 13, 2011

This is a picture of The Greatest British Burger (that’s the actual name), which I ordered last night at The Stag, a pub down the street in downtown Ascot.

THE burger

I don’t think this picture does it justice. Just know it was big. Two patties, which were half an inch thick each, plus bacon and onion rings and lettuce and tomatoes and BBQ sauce.

Oh my heavens.

I attacked it whole-heartedly and was still only able to down half of it. It must have been a pound of meat. I have the leftovers in the fridge as I type, which may or may not be as scrumptious as last night. (Most likely not. Burgers as leftovers? Gross. Guess I’ll find out at lunch today.)


And here’s a pic of Ryan’s fish and chips from the Stag. Battered and deep-fried, then skewered through the heart for good measure. What a deliciously gory scene.

Ryan’s fish on a bed of chips

We wanted so badly to try the English trifle on their dessert menu, but we just couldn’t fit it in without tossing our biscuits.*

If you ever find yourself in the Ascot area, I’d highly recommend the Stag. Great food. Cozy atmosphere. Huge portion sizes. And the prices are right as well.

It is one of those places that are short on take-away containers, so you may want to share a plate or find some other way to cart remaining tidbits home with you. They do have tinfoil, however–for anyone else who can’t finish their ridiculously enormous burger.


*A note from the future (10/1/2011):
Too bad we didn’t just go for the trifle. When we left Ascot a couple days later, we quickly discovered that trifle is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Not in restaurants. Not in pubs. Not in cafes or diners. And people look at you funny when you ask for it. (A guy in an Oxford cafe said the only place he’d seen it was in his mum’s kitchen.)

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