Pet Sketch: Jimmy

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September 15, 2011

Animal: Feline
Petsit area: King’s Lynn, UK

Jimmy is a huge orange tabby. I’m talking bigger than any cat I’ve ever seen in the US. He’s like a lion. This cat is friendly but not overly so–like Muki is. He’s still getting used to us. If you move too quickly or do anything too loud, he sneaks away as fast as he can.

This fur ball is hungry all the time, and he tells us so. When he isn’t basking in the sun outdoors or lazing on our bed, he’s staring at us with eyes that bore into your mind: “If you don’t feed me, you have no idea what I’m capable of.”

Jimmy has all kinds of health concerns, mainly digestion related, so he gets lots of pills–one capsule that we take apart, so the powder can be hidden in his food each evening, and a quarter pill that he gets twice a week. Laura, the homeowner, said he was pretty good about taking the quarter pill, but I think she lied to me. lol To give it to him, I have to corner him, pry open his mouth, and drop it down his throat–but I have yet to see him be cooperative about the whole thing. Usually, I just end up wrestling this big cat on the ground and trying not to gouge my nails into him as I open his mouth and get the pill inside. Doing this two times a week is two times too many, me thinks. And I feel bad, because he usually acts less civil to me after we go through the pill routine. He is plotting against me, i know it.

The funniest thing about Jimmy is his relationship with the cat flap (kitty door; call it what you will). He is afraid of it and for good reason–he barely fits. The problem for him is that the cat flap is the only obstacle between him and the outside world. So he sits by the cat flap and pushes it back and forth with his paw. And the door creaks every time he moves it.

Creak. Creak. Creeeeak. This is what we hear from the other rooms in the house. And we laugh, because it is so funny. I will have to capture it on video before we leave. Jimmy will move the cat flap over and over again until he finally gets up the nerve to jump through the hole.

If you are in the kitchen, the cat flap no longer becomes a last resort. Jimmy just has to convince you to open the door for him. I’ve learned his language, and I feel a bit badly for him, so I usually comply when he looks at me and meows pathetically. Ryan is a bit harder to sell. He usually just holds the cat flap open for him, and when Jimmy jumps through, it’s very obvious that he barely fits. There is zero room between the sides of the hole and his big belly.

Jimmy also makes me laugh when he stretches. He has this way of stretching his whole body out lengthwise on the floor and then extending every toe on each paw, and then yAWNing in a totally zen kind of way. And then he’ll toss himself back and forth and meow while he looks at us.

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  1. I sit here giggling. You captured that expression so perfectly.

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