Build Me a Summer Home in Dunoon

Posted on Sep 27, 2011 in photos, stories | 4 comments



This place is beautiful! It reminds me of Alaska and Oregon, rolled up into one.

on Loch Eck, a fresh-water lake a few miles from the house in Dunoon

Ryan on the ferry

view from the ferry route between Goulock to Dunoon

a cute little cottage on the way "home" from Glasgow Airport

an old hotel in Tarbet, a small town on the A83 highway


Holy Loch in the evening (our view from the house)

a kayaker on Loch Eck



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  1. Love your pics! The natural light is spectacular. What kind of camera do you use? Point and shoot or something a little more elaborate?

  2. Thanks! I can’t take credit for most of the ones I’ve posted so far–they’re the wonderful work of my husband. We have a Cannon Rebel T2i with a Tamron 18 to 270mm lens.

  3. Nice! Are you on flickr? Loch Eck looks amazing. I think I might have to add it to our itinerary…

  4. Hmm… I am on Flickr, but I haven’t really posted anything of value yet. Are you on Flickr? Maybe if/when we add our pics, we can swap photos. :) The west side of Scotland is full of lakes like this. The area really is breathtaking. I’d recommend it!

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