At Home in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

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Alright, it’s time to spill the beans about where we are right now. I haven’t meant to be so elusive about this, but we’ve had some crazy travel stuff happen this past month (which I will get to, I promise).



So, Ryan and I are in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, which is a small but super wealthy town on a peninsula in the French Riviera. To give you an idea: the small, ground-floor, 2-bedroom house we are staying at is rented for $2,000 per month, and we’re right next to Monaco–the second wealthiest country in the world.

(I know; our life is hard.)

We got here this past Wednesday, October 26, from Cannes–a 1-hour journey by train. We’ll be staying here until early January (when our 3-month EU tourist visa expires).


The Project

What are we doing here? Well…maybe you should sit down. I’ve told this story to a few people now, and they all acted surprised.

Ready? …Okay. So we are basically live-in pet-sitters tasked with caring for a paranoid old dalmatian named Bailey, a 5-month-old (wild) cat named Piccolo, and, in a round-about way, the homeowner, whose name is Jan. In 1 month’s time, there will be a new addition: a 17-week-old long-haired weimraner puppy named Ruby.

We have our own quarters, complete with bed, couch, shower, sink, closet space, and outdoor patio. What we don’t have is an ensuite bathroom; instead, our bathroom is just outside our room, directly off the living room (which can get a bit awkward if you think about it too much).

There is only one kitchen, so we all kind of do our own thing or cook for one another. This really isn’t that bad, though–it was like this for the two days we lasted through our first farm experience. Ryan and I are pretty into cooking these days–we like our food fresh, healthy, richly flavored, and cheap, so we usually opt to make it ourselves instead of eating out. Jan is also a very good cook, so it’s a win-win–we’re all good with sharing.

We don’t have to watch the animals all the time. When Jan is home, we can do our own thing, and she is usually home. (I like to keep the cat around, often in our room, and block out the dog in my mind; no offense, Bailey.)

While we’re here, Jan will head to Scotland for a week or two at a time to see her husband, who lives and works in Edinburgh. While she’s away, we’ll watch the pets full-time, just like all our other pet-sitting gigs. At the moment, it’s looking like there will be one, maybe two, trips like this.

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