A List of Perks

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Bailey may sound like a nightmare, but it hasn’t been too bad so far. He’s just clearly untrained (which surprises me considering how big and strong he is, but oh well). Jan’s stressed-out behavior is probably a lot worse than the dog situation, but at the same time, I like Jan. She is easy to get along with, comfortable to talk to, and she is very easygoing and generous with us.

No situation is perfect; even the truly wonderful ones have their bad points. The more I do this, the more I am learning how important it is to stay positive and look at the good things. So I’ve made a quick list of the perks at this place. (There are probably a lot more, in fact.)

  • The animals here are generally entertaining and easy to be with.
  • We’ve had some great chats with Jan, who has a kind and open spirit about her.
  • We are staying in a beautiful place (I can’t wait to show you pics!) in a very expensive tourist area for free, and we’re only a stone’s throw from Monaco and Italy.
  • We get to drive Jan’s mini cooper around when she’s home–and she’s encouraged us to take a few day trips to Monaco and Ventimiglia (Italy) to see the sights.
  • We have a cozy place of our own and loads of time (1) for Ryan to finish his online portfolio / find a job and (2) for me to get my own life in order and continue working on projects I love.

To our astonishment, Jan has also insisted on paying for our food expenses while we’re here. We’ve returned the favor by insisting we pay for our own food up to this point, but we might oblige her on occasion. I don’t want to be a bum, but she really wants to share food costs with us and has done it with all the other pet-sitters who’ve stayed with her. It means we’ll be saving even more money than I had hoped, which is a blessing in disguise.

As with any new situation, it takes some time to adjust to the annoying bits of this pet-sit. Some days (like right now), I have to lock myself in our room for awhile to deal with the situation, but then I’m fine again. It’s a good opportunity to learn patience, emotional/mental control, optimism, etc–all traits I can use some more practice on!

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