Beautiful Cannes

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Here are a few photos of our time in Cannes (courtesy of Ryan). I’m adding these in St. Jean Cap Ferrat, which is a real shame because I realize now that we didn’t get any pics of Ryan. Only a few of me and a few of the area. Oh well. We’ve been here!

city view of Cannes

We hiked up a really steep alleyway to a castle that overlooks the city and saw a panoramic view of the whole coastline. Very beautiful. We hung up there for a few hours: Ryan wrote a few blog posts while I was slowly consumed by The Paris Wife. The castle itself wasn’t really worth capturing.

view of the main boulevard

This is the beach down the street from our apartment. We spent a lot of time here, sunbathing, people watching, and otherwise goofing around.

the lively Croisette shopping area (where we stayed)

The area we stayed in is the ritziest part of town (little did we know that when we reserved it). There were shops for blocks and blocks, and we had a great time checking them all out and testing the bakeries on every corner. We spent a few hours looking for a coat for Ryan (this has been a regular task in every city we’ve visited thus far), but without success. (He’s a bit picky. lol)

restaurants, restaurants everywhere

There really were restaurants lining every street. It kind of added to the character, though things got a bit crazy on weekend nights. We didn’t really frequent any restaurants here, though (and we¬†preferred it that way). We had a small kitchenette in our apartment that we used regularly.

delicious ham-wrapped veggies by Ryan

Case in point. Ryan had the idea to wrap our sauteed veggies in ham, and it was a hit!

isn't my hair getting long?

Yay, a pic of me. (Ha. Don’t pay too much attention to my [wrinkled] shirt. I guess I care less about certain things after 3 months living out of a suitcase–particularly on exploration days.)

beautiful twilight

One night, the sun went down and the temperature outside was perfect. We grabbed a wool blanket in our room and headed out to a beach chair, where we listened to the waves hit the beach and watched the lights twinkling on the water. It was perfect.

Audi R8 in matte black (!)

I have the best husband in the whole world! He gave me a sexy Audi R8, just out of the blue!

…Of course that’s a lie, but we did have fun admiring the many (MANY) expensive cars in the area. Ryan took lots of pics, but I only wanted to show my fav. (In matte black! I hadn’t seen that before.)

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